XCC – the 6 core videos

TIMETOACT completed a series of 6 videos that enable customers and partners into setting up a Digital Workplace or Universal Intranet with IBM Connections and XCC.

  1. Implementation
  2. Customization
  3. Integration
  4. Information Architecture
  5. Forms, Workflow, Lists
  6. Get Started

Collaboration is the core of every organization. Collaboration should be at the core of every Intranet. That’s why the Digital Workplace Hub is built upon IBM Connections, the absolute market-leading enterprise social software platform, and XCC, the Web Content and Custom Apps Extension. The IBM Digital Workplace Hub is unique in applying a Single Point of Truth (SPoT) to its inner workings: it has just one user interface and one single content storage for both internal communications and enterprise collaboration. Any solution using more than one content storage foregoes the benefits of a SPoT.


Universal Intranet

Most Intranets are like silos, using different platforms for Internal Communications, Enterprise Collaboration and Application Integration.

Intranets with more than ONE platform suffer from

  • Attention Fragmentation
  • Content Fragmentation
  • Content Overlap, Redundancy and Inconsistency
  • Government Challenges
  • Poor Usability

Learn more Part I, Part II, Part III

Connections Administration Toolkit

The Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT) eliminates the complexity of IBM Connections administration and content management.

It is an easy to install and easy to use web interface tool even from any mobile device. Mastering IBM Connections administration and content becomes a breeze with CAT, even for non-technical users.

Source: connections-apps.com