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Support for version 9 of IBM® Notes® & IBM Domino® till September 2021

IBM® Notes®, IBM Domino®, IBM Notes Traveler, and IBM Enterprise Integrator extend support for version 9 to September 2021. Support for the following associated entitlements is also extended to September 2021:

  • IBM Sametime® V9.0 Limited Use
  • IBM Domino Designer V9.0.1
  • IBM Mobile Connect V6.1.5
  • IBM Domino Global Workbench V9.0.1

Source: IBM

Links to Release Notices & Fix Lists

Notes/Domino Release Notices & “Top 20” Fix Lists

IBM Mail support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO)

Notes/Domino Best Practices: Master Checklist

Below is a list of articles that every Notes/Domino application designer, administrator, and IT manager should read,regardless of their responsibilities. In addition, the following links take you to different sections of the checklist depending on your area of interest:

Click here for the Notes/Domino Performance Best Practices

Click here for the Notes/Domino Server Sizing Best Practices

Click here for the Domino Web Access Best Practices

Click here for the Transactional Logging Best Practices

Click here for the Notes/Domino Administration Best Practices

Click here for the Notes/Domino Security Best Practices

Click here for the Calendaring & Scheduling Best Practices
Source: IBM

Understanding SMTP authentication and securing your Domino 8 server from spam

LDD Article about SPAM Prevention SMTP Authentication

  •  Introduction
  • Overview of the SMTP process and of SMTP authentication
  • Determing whether Lotus Domino is open relay or closed relay
  • Making Lotus Domino a closed-relay serverEnabling SMTP authentication on the Domino server
  • SMTP authentication between Lotus Domino and Outlook clients
  • Avoiding address spoofing when relaying mail from authenticated users
  • Inbound anti-relay settings and message transfer to external Internet domains