Support for version 9 of IBM® Notes® & IBM Domino® till September 2021

IBM® Notes®, IBM Domino®, IBM Notes Traveler, and IBM Enterprise Integrator extend support for version 9 to September 2021. Support for the following associated entitlements is also extended to September 2021:

  • IBM Sametime® V9.0 Limited Use
  • IBM Domino Designer V9.0.1
  • IBM Mobile Connect V6.1.5
  • IBM Domino Global Workbench V9.0.1

Source: IBM

Links to Release Notices & Fix Lists

Notes/Domino Release Notices & “Top 20” Fix Lists

IBM Mail support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO)

IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Fix pack 6

9.0.1 Fix pack 6 is a collection of low-risk, high-impact fixes to help customers safely avoid known issues. IBM strongly recommends that customers running Notes/Domino 9.0.1x upgrade to this latest Fix Pack since it addresses a small percentage of defects that impact the broadest set of customers. Fix Packs are released periodically between Maintenance Releases to provide a greater level of stability for customer environments. They go through the same level of fix, regression and interoperability testing that occurs with Maintenance Releases. Fix Packs are always cumulative and contain all of the fixes from previous ones. All Fix Packs are language independent and may be applied on any language version of Notes/Domino 9.0.1x.

Source: IBM

Connections Administration Toolkit

The Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT) eliminates the complexity of IBM Connections administration and content management.

It is an easy to install and easy to use web interface tool even from any mobile device. Mastering IBM Connections administration and content becomes a breeze with CAT, even for non-technical users.


Connections Onboarding

Onboarding Wizard for IBM Connections

Getting started with a social software platform like IBM Connections is a challenge.
As long as you don’t follow anybody, you simply get to see an empty activity stream
and wonder what all the fuzz is about. Our new “XCC Onboarding-Wizard”simplifies
the onboarding process to IBM Connections. With this new capability it is possible to
set up different XCC widgets. This will increase acceptance for your social intranet.
New users get all the important information and instantly feel comfortable with their new work environment.

Source: Connections-Apps

IoT beflügelt die Phantasien

Das Internet der Dinge beflügelt die Phantasien von Anwendern, Unternehmen und Technikanbietern.
Die ungezählten Möglichkeiten, Menschen, Dinge und Abläufe in unserer physikalischen Welt mit
Hilfe elektronischer und digitaler Systeme laufend zu überwachen und zu vermessen,
haben eine regelrechte Innovationseuphorie losgetreten.
Im Jahr 2025 Im Rahmen der Studie „Internet of Things: Mapping the Value beyond the Hype“
hat das McKinsey Global Institute 150 Anwendungsbeispiele und fast 300 Anwendungen für das
Internet der Dinge unter die Lupe genommen und den potenziellen künftigen Mehrwert
für verschiedene Märkte und Branchen ermittelt.

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Notes/Domino Best Practices: Master Checklist

Below is a list of articles that every Notes/Domino application designer, administrator, and IT manager should read,regardless of their responsibilities. In addition, the following links take you to different sections of the checklist depending on your area of interest:

Click here for the Notes/Domino Performance Best Practices

Click here for the Notes/Domino Server Sizing Best Practices

Click here for the Domino Web Access Best Practices

Click here for the Transactional Logging Best Practices

Click here for the Notes/Domino Administration Best Practices

Click here for the Notes/Domino Security Best Practices

Click here for the Calendaring & Scheduling Best Practices
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IBM Notes/Domino Admin Tool

This technote contains an all-in-one Admin Tool that consists of a collection of tools that IBM Support provides in various technotes and wiki articles. These technotes usually require an Administrator to create agents to troubleshoot or workaround various issues. This goal of this tool is to eliminate those steps in favor of guided options to perform the required tasks.