What is the unique value of IBM’s Connections Engagement Center

Organizations today face increasing fragmentation in attention from employees who must wade through redundant and inconsistent content sources and whose lack of engagement with their management and coworkers can lead to high turnover, low morale and lost productivity.IBM Connections Engagement Center will offer a digital workplace hub that helps improve employee engagement by providing employees with easy access to content and resources such as corporate news, relevant content, links to important resources, files, and events, that is tailored to each individual’s role or location, and is integrated with and built on the social collaboration tools and content from IBM Connections. IBM Connections Engagement Center will also ensure that the right content can be easily written by the right people and offers a single content store, simplifying management and content discovery.

Deploying IBM Connections Engagement Center with IBM Connections allows organizations to:

  • Establish a single destination for personalized communication – both company-to-employee and peer-to-peer
  • Foster an informed employee base, drawing attention to important news, resources and applications
  • Promote more effective collaboration through integration with IBM Connections
  • Simplify and democratize content contribution, empowering any of their employees to easily create and maintain content

IBM clients will be able to purchase the IBM Connections Engagement Center capabilities directly from IBM and IBM Business Partners and easily add it on to existing IBM Connections deployments.

Source: IBM

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