XCC 4.1 for IBM Connections

The Web Content Management Extension (XCC) enhances IBM Connections with
classic Web CMS capabilities and thus integrates the two antipodes of an intranet,
i.e. peer-to-peer collaboration with top-down communication. IBM Connections
with the Web Content Management Extension XCC creates a beautifully integrated Social Intranet.

See a extensive live demo of XCC. Learn how to manage internal communications
with IBM Connections and why IBM Connections adoption and ROI will increase with XCC by 50% to 100%.

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IBM Connections Next Trailer

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Notes/Domino Best Practices: Master Checklist

Below is a list of articles that every Notes/Domino application designer, administrator, and IT manager should read,
regardless of their responsibilities. In addition, the following links take you to different sections of the checklist depending on your area of interest:
Source: IBM

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Customers rediscovering IBM Notes and Domino

IBM’s Collaboration Software Comparison.

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Customers rediscovering IBM Notes and Domino:

  • Fortune 500 insurance company in North America Reinstated Domino servers when they realized
    the popularity and business value of their Domino applications was leading to continued dramatic growth in server use.
  • US-based financial firm Renewed 81,000 user seats due to continued business value delivery from their Domino Application usage.
  • An international bank Returned to Domino 9 (iNotes) deploying 149,000 users in 2010 for their Messaging solution
    when the saw the significant improvements in the social capabilities over their current solution.
  • Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company in Germany Reinstated 61,000 users due to realizing there was significant
    business value being created from their Domino applications was leading to continued Domino app growth.
  • worldwide engineering firm Reversed their decision to move to Microsoft and renewed 70,000 seats of Notes,
    and deployed 70,000 seats of Connections and Sametime. They went on to say they found that IBM provides
    a more robust integration platform while SharePoint is only intended for light weight duty.
  • worldwide aircraft manufacturing firm Reinstated 8,500 seats after an unsuccessful attempt to get a
    Microsoft and SAP solution to replicate the collaboration they already had from Notes and Domino.
  • well known bank in North America viewed IBM as a trusted advisor and increased their licensing entitlements
    with IBM and recommitted for 4 more years. “Eventually the *true* cost to transition [from Notes and Domino
    to a competitor] was realized after many millions were spent!”
  • Two insurance companies in North America merge and decide to consolidate on Notes and Domino as their
    Application platform solution, with 40,000 PVU’s in production and a long term commitment to IBM.
  • large hardware vendor with worldwide locations discovers additional, unexpected costs in their move
    to Google and Returns for a 5 year messaging commitment with IBM.

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A summary of the major releases of Lotus Notes and Domino

The History of Lotus Notes from Peter Presnell

The History Of Lotus Notes learn. do. dream.

Source: www.redpilldevelopment.com

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IBM Connections personalized

Using Personalization with XCC – The Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections

"IBM Connect 2014 was overwhelming. We have had many of the largest and many small
and medium IBM Connections customers at our pedestal. Most of the customers have
scenarios where they could use and want to evaluate our product. What an exiting conference this was to us !"

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Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections

For the realization of a classic intranet homepage IBM Connections is missing formal web content management functions
as e.g. a conventional navigation and controllable news. With TTA’s Web Content Management Extension build your easy
to use custom homepage and combine formal and casual information in one application and thereby take one big step
into the direction of one social platform for your employees.

More Information here >>>

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Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT) updated

CAT_4.5.0_20140116-0921 now also supports Microsoft SQL Server as underlying database,
both for the CAT database and the Connections databases.

"We just released a new version of our Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT) with
full support for IBM Connections 4.5 CR3 including  converting communities plus content
merge for wikis, blogs and forums, LDAP group drill-down, drill-down and management
of user content, OAuth & widget configuration."

Source: TTA

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IBM Flash (Alert): Download re-signed Java applets for IBM Domino

Image:IBM Flash (Alert): Download re-signed Java applets for IBM Domino
A new JVM will be pushed out by Oracle on Sunday, 19 January 2014. After this new JVM is pushed out,
IBM Domino applets will no longer work in browsers running the latest JVM. This document provides links
to .zip files containing re-signed Java applets for Domino 8.x. and 9.x.

Steps to apply the applets:

  • Download and unzip the .zip file
  • Shut down your Domino server (optionally you can quit HTTP task by issuing the following command at the server console: tell HTTP quit)
  • Backup existing files
  • Copy the new files into \Domino\data\domino\java

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Full Featurelist of the Connections Administration Toolkit

CAT (Connections Administration Toolkit) accelerates and automates administrative tasks and enhances the
maintenance tasks for IBM Connections. Benefit from extremely lowered effort for training and maintenance. 
Whether XML files must be changed for the service configuration, whether users are added to a community,
or if a user’s access problems must be investigated and resolved, CAT will help you.

Image:Full Featurelist of the Connections Administration Toolkit

Basic System Management
How to enable and disable Connections features
How to configure default preferences and senders for email notifications
Tracking and protocolling changes made to IBM Connections configuration
How to configure for which Connections events email notifications are sent
How to configure languages and enable language preferences for IBM Connections
How to update the IBM Connections version stamp
How to do a quick scheduler health check
How to update Connections URLs and Connections feature settingsUser Management
How to check the number of unique users that have logged in to one or more Connections features
How to change the UID of a Connections user
How to view the entire content owned by a user that has left the company
How to give a returning user access to their old content by swapping GUIDs
How to delete useres from the Profiles database

Administration of “Activities”
How to modify Activities to meet Company StandardsHow to configure and administrate the Activities scheduled tasksHow to change Activities file upload and type limitsHow to change membership and ownership of Activities
Administration of “Blogs”
How to copy or merge Blogs into a single Blog or into a CommunityHow to set global Blogs configuration parametersHow to browse and manage all Connections Blogs
Administration of “Bookmarks”
How to change global Bookmarks (Dogear) configuration property valuesHow to view and administrate Connections Bookmarks 
Administration of “Communities”
How to set global configuration properties for CommunitiesHow to configure the Communities Media GalleryHow to set and change the Communities file policiesHow to configure the schedulers for the Communities moduleHow to administer Communities and their members
Administration of “Files”
How to set global Files configuration property valuesHow to change the default maximum size of user and community file librariesHow to change file upload restrictions for personal filesHow to view and administrate the content of a file libraryHow to use and set file policies for user and community librariesHow to configure the available MIME types for Files
Administration of “Forums”
How to change global Forums configuration settings
Administration of “Homepage”
How to reset the ‘Welcome’-flag for selected or all users
Administration of “Metrics”
How to change global Metrics configuration properties
Administration of “Mobile”
How to change configuration properties for the Mobile application
Administration of “Moderation”
How to change global configuration properties for Communities moderation
Administration of “News”
How to change global configuration settings for News
Administration of “Profiles”
How to change global configuration properties for the Profiles moduleHow to add policies for Profile types
Administration of “Search”
How to recreate the Search indexHow to configure dictionaries for the Search application
Administration of “Wikis”
How to merge or copy several Wikis into a single Wiki or a Community

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